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Mosquito Control

Let's face it. Mosquitos can ruin your outdoor activities like few other pests can. You might think the only thing to be done is to cover yourself in foul smelling sprays. Or for everyone to huddle around a candle or coil and hope for the best.

Fortunately for you there is a better way. Our mosquito service is a multi-pronged approach designed to eliminate the adults and prevent new ones from taking their place. We treat your yard, shrubs, trees and plants with a solution that will knock them down quickly. It will also stand the test of time. Resisting sun and rain to remain effective for months at a time.

Our mosquito service is carried out every 14-21 days. Ensuring the population is kept from coming back between applications. The services start in April and are carried out through October. If you feel you need a service outside of this period just let us know. We are flexible and able to respond quickly to your needs.

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